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Nascar stuur (speedway/autocross).

69.95 incl. BTW

13 inch aluminium stuurwiel. Nascar stuurwiel

Veel gebruikt in oval racing / speedway / autocross…..ect.

Met 3 gaten voor de quick release (ook in onze webshop te bestellen)

Wij hebben ook alle stuurnaven beschikbaar om dit stuurwiel passend op uw auto te kunnen monteren.


13″ Aluminium lightweight oval racing style steering wheel


  • Ideal for road or motorsport use.
  • Designed for Oval Racing (Brisca F2 / Autograss / Saloon Stock Cars).
  • Bolts directly to any of our range of quick release steering hubs.
  • Direct replacement for Longacre/Rebco/JOES lightweight wheels.
  • Outer rim cover is designed for optimum grip in all weather conditions.


  • 13″ Diameter wheel with 2″ dish.
  • Aluminium natural coloured centre spars.
  • Smooth black covered outer grip. 
  • 3 drilled holes for attachment to quick release hub.
  • Made under strict quality control, ensuring excellent accuracy and reliability.


  • Made to strict quality control standards.
  • Lightweight but strong.
  • Attractive looking wheel.
  • Outer rim material is designed for optimum grip in all weather conditions.
    All steering wheel hubs are in this website for competitive pricing.

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