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Aluminium ruitensproeier vloeistof tank verticaal 1,5 Liter met motor.

129,95 incl. BTW

Aluminium  verticale ruitensproeier tank met motor

Veel gebruikte tank voor o.a: Race en rally auto’s  Drift Racing, Drag Racing, Street Racing and Track Day’s
Zwart geanodiseerd
Maat 210mmx80mmx100mm
Van RMT Racing

Artikelnummer: RMTVP3302 Categorie:


Alloy horizontal and vertical washer bottle with motor

Used for Universal  Drift Racing, Drag Racing, Street Racing and Track Day
With horizontal and vertical two types.

The fabricated washer tanks come with our Billet 1″ cap and hold 1.5L/5 oz of fluid. These professionally constructed tanks come eighter highly polished or in a color anodized.

Tanks come for universal applications or factory replacement for some vehicles
Size 210mmx80mmx100mm
RMT Racing.

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