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Olie-Brandstof-lucht leiding Dash-06

20,95 incl. BTW

Staalomvlochten RVS olie brandstof of luchtslang.
Prijs per meter, bij meerdere meters aantallen aanpassen!


  • Rubber binnenzijde met RVS buitenzijde.
  • High performance 304 roestvaststaal – de allerbeste kwaliteit.
  • Precieze pasvorm – zonder lekkages.
  • Standaard 8.7mm binnenwerks
  • Volledig op veiligheid getest – gecertificeerd volgens EU specificaties DIN 73379 Type C  én SAE30R6 én SAE30R7


  • Binnenzijde materiaal: Nitrile Butadine Ribber, Shore hardheid 70 +/- 5 (Shore A)
  • Buitenzijde slang materiaal: RVS  304.
  • Wand dikte: 2.5mm
  • Werk druk (10 BAR MAXIMUM)
  • Barst druk (50 BAR)


Artikelnummer: RMT-Stainlesshose-AN06 Categorieën: ,


Dash 06 –  8mm (5/16″) ID  ID Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Hose | 1 meter
RMT Parts products are manufactured to a high standard and go through strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Rubber fuel hose with braided outer.
  • High performance 304 grade stainless – the best available.
  • Greatly outlasts standard hose.
  • Precise fit – no leakages.
  • Protective braid greatly reduces possibility of breakdown through chafing.
  • Standard 8.7mm inner
  • Corrosion resistant steel braiding.


  • Suitable for low pressure applications such as vehicles with carburettors.
  • Suitable for use with Leaded/Unleaded Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Water, Fuel Additives etc.
  • Use with Magna clips or jubilee clips.
  • Sold per metre.


  • Fully safety tested under strict quality control procedures – certified to EU specifications DIN 73379 Type C as well as SAE30R6 and SAE30R7
  • Long Life hose made with quality components.


  • Inner diameter: 8mm (+/- 0.4mm)
  • Outer diameter: 15mm (+/- 0.7mm)
  • Inner hose material: Nitrile Butadine Ribber, Shore hardness 70 +/- 5 (Shore A)
  • Outer hose material: Grade 304 highly corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Wall thickness: 2.5mm
  • Working pressure: 145 PSI (10 BAR MAXIMUM)
  • Bursting Pressire: 725 PSI (50 BAR)


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