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Intrax Suspension

Door de grote verschillende type Intrax Schokdempers is het voor ons onmogelijk deze online aan te bieden.

Elke auto en coureur heeft zo zijn eigen instellingen en wensen.
Rijd u op straat of competitie zoals race of rallysport dan zijn de uitvoeringen totaal anders.

Om u een goede offerte te kunnen aanbieden mail ons even uw wensen met onderstaande informatie:

Merk en model auto.
Gebruik? straat race rally….ect?
Welke maat en type banden.
Mail deze info naar




Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality suspension technology with more than 40 years of intensive experience at the highest level of several motorsport disciplines. Intrax designs and manufactures shock absorbers, suspensions and wheels for Formula 1 cars, street cars and everything in between. All shock absorbers of Intrax are tailor made, as each set is designed based on the specifications of the car and the wishes of the driver, so truly a ‘custom build’.

Henk Thuis (founder of WP suspension and Intrax supension) designed a suspension and shock absorbers which brought him several world championships in various disciplines in motocross, motorcycle road racing, enduro, mountain bikes and various Formula classes, such as F3000 and Formula 1. Henk himself is an active driver. In 2008, he became champion in the ‘Dutch Supercar Challenge’ with a Porsche 997 GT3, equipped with the ‘Black Titan 4-Way’ shock absorbers.

Toward the end of his White Power Suspensions era, Henk became increasingly interested in and passionate about car chassis. His involvement in the F1 world championships of Benetton and Michael Schumacher, combined with the car racing Henk still took part in at that time, made him decide to start up a new business that would focus on ‘high-end’ car chassis technology. This marked the beginning of ‘Intrax Racing’.

 More than 40 years of intensive developments produced a wide range of shock absorbers, height-adjustable screw sets, adjustable shock absorbers and complete car chassis. Of course, shock absorbers can be fitted by Intrax, too, and the car will then be aligned and weighted based on our extensive experience in motor sport. A special division of Intrax builds complete street, track-day, race and rally cars on customer order, for every budget and on every level. Intrax supports, runs and coordinates various race car ‘cups’, off-road races, solar races, autocross competitions, oval races, etc. All this, of course, in addition to developing shock absorbers for street cars, industrial purposes and for tasks which even we did not know shock absorbers were used for.

We invite you and your car to visit us at the Intrax factory in Volkel. There, you can test drive your car together with our experts and tell us about your wishes. If you do not have time for a visit, you are welcome to send us an email or to call us. The uniqueness of the Intrax factory is that we deliver tailor-made springs, shock absorbers and chassis, so they suit your car and your driving style. We promise you’ll be satisfied. Our products are customisable and ‘upgradeable’. Investing in Intrax components is always a smart decision.


We take road holding very seriously. We supply custom calculated settings for most applications for the springs, the ‘shim stacks’ and the dampening-pistons. Everything is custom made, but below you will find some of the most requested settings from our customers:

Fast street / occasional track day. 
This is an upgrade of the standard components toward the sportive side. Daily comfort and minimising vibration and noise levels are just as important as the ‘handling’ of the car. Optimised for the Dutch roads.

Track day / bumpy race circuit / Nordschleife. 
This is a suspension setting to race on both flat and uneven circuits. It is possible to drive your car to the circuit and back to home again. The ride height is sufficient to drive on public roads. Lap times and controllability of the car are more important than comfort.

Full race / rally. 
Rigid suspension, designed to be used in combination with slick tires and roll cages. Optimised for lap times.

Depending on the surface you’ll be driving on, we look for a soft setting that will create as much traction as possible. We will obviously ensure your car will not get too much roll pitch and/or squad.

We offer various settings for different surfaces. You can, of course, also choose a mixed setting. Cross settings focus mainly on traction and grip in the corners.

Intrax has a lot of experience with ovals. Cars that drive on ovals usually do so with asymmetric setting in terms of shock absorbers and springs. The ‘cross’ of the car is of the utmost importance on ovals.

The XL version of the 1K2 or the 4-Way Intrax shock absorber is the super strong version of our already impressive ‘normal’ upside-down construction.

As you probably already know, on a MacPherson suspension, the shock absorber not only has to process the vertical forces of the wheel but also the lateral ones. Because of the upside-down construction Intrax always applies (on request, the classic set-up is also possible), the installation rigidity in the system is greatly reduced (which means less flex). Intrax uses a ø 40mm (RSA) or a ø 45mm (1K2 and 4-way) upside-down insert.

In case of extreme forces, Intrax offers the XL version, which is equipped with a ø 52mm upside-down insert. This seems to be over the top, but it has already proven itself many times. Drivers got even more confidence in the car and found it even better/more direct to drive. The engineers can see the extra rigidity and the advances that come with the XL version in their data logging.

It is important to note that because of the larger diameter, springs with a larger inside diameter must be used. Thus, it cannot simply be applied to every MacPherson wheel suspension.

For more information you can always send us an email or give us a call.


Lowering springs are available from stock for hundreds of different types of cars. Using these springs provides the car with a much sportier suspension. The car will also get a sportier look by the average reduction in ride height of 30 to 40 mm. In addition to the standard lowering springs, you can have us design and manufacture tailor-made springs. You can choose any colour and any print. We can even do this under your brand name, meaning as a ‘private label’. We manufacture starting from single pieces. To see an overview of our lowering springs, click here.


Intrax has one of the largest stocks of coil-over springs (screw set springs) in Europe. The vast majority has an inside diameter of 60mm (most commonly used), but there are also many other internal diameter sizes in stock. The lengths vary from 100mm to 400mm. For an overview of the springs, please click here.


Intrax is in the unique position to develop single pieces, specials and ‘private label’ solutions for suspension and damping. We have fitted helicopters, ice cream parlour cars, classic race cars, motorcycles, mountain bikes, armoured vehicles, horse carriages and even chimneys with springs/shock absorbers.

Every year, many championships are won by cars that are fitted with Intrax shock absorbers. In fact, in 2015, Intrax was champion in all classes of the Supercar Challenge and even secured all podium places in one of the classes. In Super GT, the Dodge Viper GT3-R was the champion, in GTB a Porsche 997 Cup, in SuperSport a BMW M3 E90 WTCC, and in Sport a Renault Clio 3.

As you can see, Intrax builds the perfect shock absorbers for any type of car. more info.


Intrax is holds the absolute lap record for street legal cars on the famous ‘Nordschleife’ of the Nürburgring circuit. In 2009, the Radical SR8LM on Intrax 4-Way shock absorbers improved the record with a lap time of 6m48s.  At that time, this was more than 23 seconds faster than the nearest competitor. See the link below and the various YouTube movies.

Meanwhile, this lap record has been improved many times, but there are several plans to break the record again with cars that will be fitted with Intrax shock absorbers.

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