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Competition Brandstof Pomp , 100 Liter/Uur RMT-FL2000

52,50 incl. BTW

Werkdruk uitgang: 5-9 PSI.
Opbrengst: (100 Litres/Hour).
Power: +12V

Kan worden gebruikts bij 1 of meerdere carburateurs  (motorvermogen tot 170 PK).
Vervangt de mechanische pomp voor voertuigen met carburateurs.

Ingang en uitgang 5/16″ schroefdraad 8mm binenwerkse maat slang.

Brandstof filter (Te monteren tussen tank en pomp).
2x 8mm slangaansluitingen.

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Working Pressure Output: 5-9PSI.
Flow Rate: 24 Gallons/Hour (100 Litres/Hour).
Power: +12V DC , 1 Amp maximum, fully insulated cables.

Can be used with single or twin choke carburettors (typically for vehicles up to 170BHP).
Ideal for use with 2000cc Saloon Stock Car / Brisca F2 / Superstox / Autograss etc as well as performance road cars.
Can be used with all fuels (Leaded/Unleaded/Diesel/Fuel Additives/Racing Fuel/Bio Fuel etc).
Can replace the mechanical pump in almost all carburettored vehicles.

Corrosion resistant steel casing.
No electrical contacts, bearings or diaphrams to wear out.
Lightweight cube shape design allows pump to be fitted in small areas.
Outlet and inlet unions are suitable for 5/16″ (8mm) ID fuel hose.
Interrupter Pump – holds a constant pressure and will not overfuel.
2x formed holes in casing allow for easy attachment with 2 bolts.
Made with high quality components to ensure excellent reliability.
2x 1/8 NPT threaded ports for connection of the unions.
Electronically powered (takes away no power from the vehicle unlike mechanically driven pumps).
Can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle (for best performance, mount near to the tank and below the minimum fuel level).

In line filter included (to be fitted in line before the pump).
2x 8mm unions for attachment to push on fuel hose.

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